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Safe Streets.
   Build Housing.


Endorsed by the leaders you trust.



CA Assemblymember &

Former D6 Supervisor



D7 Supervisor

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Entrepreneur & AD17 Primary Candidate


Safe Streets. Build Housing.


Honey has 20 years as a Social Worker, Legislative Aide, and Chief of Staff in District 6 under Matt Haney. She is running for D6 Supervisor to bring back safe streets and better housing to our city.


HONEY believes we need a Crisis Workers Act to hire more police and social workers on our streets. As Chief of Staff to Matt Haney, she helped fund more police in the Tenderloin Emergency Plan, advocated for more community ambassadors in the Mid Market Safety Plan, and supported more social workers by co-authoring Mental Health SF. 


HONEY knows first hand we need to build and streamline housing at all levels. She was head of land use in the District 6 office, building 9000 units of housing in 4 years – more than all other districts combined.


HONEY will invest in businesses to recover our downtown, support new tech industries, and cut red tape for small businesses. As a co-owner of the first LGBTQ co-op in the US, Honey would be the only small business owner on the Board of Supervisors.


A San Francisco Success Story.

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A Family of Diplomats

Honey's maternal grandparents were Ethiopian diplomats. As a result, her mother grew up all over the world, including in Berlin and Mexico City, learning to speak French, Spanish, and English fluently along with her native Amharic. Honey's family fled Ethiopia following a military coup and the rise of an authoritarian dictatorship. They came to San Francisco as refugees. Previously a medical student, Honey's father became a taxi driver for Yellow Cab Co-op while her mother worked as a teller at Sumitomo Bank in Japantown and earned her associate's degree at City College of San Francisco.

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A San Francisco Catholic Education

Honey was raised in the Outer Sunset surrounded by an extended family of tight-knit war refugees who believed in the promise of America. Devout Catholics, Honey's family saved and sacrificed to give her the best possible Catholic education. As a member of St. Gabriel's Parish, where Honey's parents were married and Honey was baptized, Honey attended St. Gabriel Elementary and later went on to attend St. Ignatius College Prep.

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A Master's in Social Work

After graduating with honors from the University of Southern California, Honey attended UC Berkeley, where she received a Master's in Social Work. Honey has spent two decades working directly with the homeless and people suffering from addiction and mental health issues, fighting to get them off of the streets and into care. No one else on the Board of Supervisors has her experience working directly on the issues that matter most to San Franciscans.

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A Nightlife & LGBTQ Advocate

In her youth, Honey was part of San Francisco's thriving Nightlife scene, and in 2013 Honey became the first San Franciscan to compete in the Emmy Award-winning tv series RuPaul's Drag Race. An outspoken gender equity and LGBTQ rights advocate, Honey has served as President of the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, on the Executive Board of the Alice B Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club, and is a co-founder of the Transgender Cultural District. As an owner of The Stud, San Francisco's oldest gay bar, Honey has practical experience as a small business owner in SOMA that she has used to fight for small businesses all over the City.


Chair of the Democratic Party &
Fighting for Housing in City Hall

Honey served as a Legislative Aide and then Chief of Staff to Supervisor Matt Haney, where she led the office's efforts to build housing. Voters overwhelmingly elected her in March of 2020 to represent San Francisco as a member of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee. In 2021, Honey was elected as Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, making her the first Black Chair of the party in San Francisco's history and the first transgender person to serve as Chair of any local Democratic Party, and one of the highest ranking transgender officials in the country.

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